Saturday, September 27, 2014

2014 spring break!!!

                                                    All of us cousins at the fair.

We went rock repelling with Tad bear.(there is a first time for everything)

Sleepover with the cousins.Don't stop the party.
night swimming with the cousins at the condo.

Went to swig it is so good.

Granny joe exercising with here chair.
Fake prom dress shopping with the girls,for more fun go to youtube CutiePatootieBeauty , watch the Saint gorge vlog.

2013 beach trip to Santa Barbra beach in Cali!

My first beach trip was so fun we went with the Garbett's my and syd where seeing who could go out the farthest it was so cold!!!!

If you can see there are little clear sand crabs and the dig little holes I got the chills when they came on my feet.

We went boogie boarding it was so fun.Have any of you seen chasing mavericks when a big wave came I was thinking of that movie.

We played in the sand in the backyard.

Me and my mom at the pizza place for our last dinner together it was so good.

Had such a great time as a family thanks to the Garbett's love your fam.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Break!!!!!

Talk about chicken you can't go in a swimming pool well I guess they didn't heat it we love you dad I don't know what I would do with out a better dad than you your my bff best father forever

In the pool at the condo with my cousin Kristi and her daughters that live in Enterprise. Kristi's sister also lives in the condos we were staying. It was awesome

Also at the pool my aunt Jacklyn aunt Shelly her daughter Tyley Morgan gma Joy thank you for coming :)

The last day we were there we went on a easter egg hunt Morgan Tyley Scotlynn Sydney reggie Kayler Korbin me Miahn Zenn Preston and Sofie I loved spring beak next break is summer! watch my next journey to the beach!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Cheer him on!

Me Sydney and Sofie got to take a picture with the bee as most of you know Sofie is scared of mascots

well now she is scared of clowns well have to tech her but their is one funny thing that my mom did she was teaching Sofie that there is a person inside it  but the mascot did not like that she he hit her I wonder if its a boy cause there not allowed to hit girls so my mom whispered to the bee she is scared he understood it was cool. 

Preston is the Mets he is a pretty awesome player its also because a nice friend took his time to teach him thanks Aaron but my mom is pretty cool she is taking her time to make little cards and laminate them and have their picture and number with a baseball sticker speaking of number Preston is 2 go number 2 thank Aaron and mom again.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Sofie Wilson

Welcome Miss America 2026 she has brown eyes beautiful blond hair and is from Utah

Thursday, May 24, 2012

This boy is so so cute.
 mud mud mud  gross but fun we digged a deep hole than we put water in it we jumpped off the wooden stick.

 Sofie almost slipt so I graped her.
 Preston got some mud on his face.
 And these are are feet first,Preston Second,Sofie Last,Me Brynlee
 And this is how deep and cold it is pour sofie.
 Preston you should watch it.
 It's cold it's deep awwwwww.

Pick up mud.